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Danbury’s caters to wizards and sorcerers. Most of the customers are mages who come to be with kindred souls. Here they conduct business and trade secrets and spells. An agent handing out tokens for the Dreaming Apothecary is virtually always present.

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Homebrew Sign for Danbury’s

Logo Pub-Style Danburys British Pub Art Pointed Wizard Hat Ptolus City by the Spire Homebrew Artwork

Homebrew Danbury’s Map:

Personally I used the below map for Danbury’s, but this post has a Homebrew Map of a Grand Tavern which could work as well.

Taverns Tales Elfson Tavern Battlemap Ground Floor Inn Restaurant Kitchen Rooms Hostel Homebrew Ptolus

Homebrew Danbury’s Description:

Danbury’s had a large sign above the door making it easy to identify.

They entered and with the door closing, the noise of the bustling  Delver’s Square immediately disappeared. Being midday the tavern was not busy, but several people sat around talking, eating and drinking.

Artwork was displayed all over the building. Paintings hang on the walls and small sculptures sit on the bar or in niches in the walls.

A burly chested dwarf stood behind the bar and must have been on a stool or ledge because he was nearly as tall as a human would be in the same spot.

Unlike most of the taverns in town, this one seemed to be more refined. None of the patrons carried weapons or wore armor. Instead nearly all were wearing robes or loose fitting, fine clothing.

Homebrew Dreaming Apothecary Representative:

Neban: There was a lone, young human sitting at what could only be described as a desk where everyone else sat at tables. He had several pieces of parchment out which he scribbled on then moved to the next. Dressed in a stylish coat of a deep red, buttoned to the throat and sporting a high collar, his perfectly groomed dark hair and handsome goatee complimented golden eyes.

Homebrew Danbury’s Spell Sales:

Some wizards sell spells and scrolls here in a private arcane room which requires a membership. For an annual fee of 1,000gp characters gain access to a secure place they can share spells and gain access to “personal spells” created by other casters before they are high enough level to join the Inverted Pyramid. You could make available whatever spells you wanted your players to gain access to. This would be a good place to network and meet other casters too. Kind of an exclusive Fireball club instead of Ciagar club.

Homebrew Danbury’s Wizards for new Delver’s to Meet

Bryce Twoorb Ptolus Arcane Caster Old Human Wizard Pathfinder PFRPG DND D20 FantasyBryce Twoorb is a 75 year old male human wizard who lives in the Rivergate District of Ptolus. He frequents Danbury’s and enjoys chatting with Delvers/Adventurers to hear their stories. He often will share spells to hear tales of adventure, as he was never the adventerous type, prefering the safety of the study.

Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix is a 350 year old male gnome wizard who frequents Danbury’s. You’ll know Enitix is at Danbury’s because his large, owl mount named Hesperos will be outside, or perched on the roof.

Gnome Riding Owl Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix Wizard Arcane Caster Ptolus DND D20 RPG GaryLaibArt