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Emerald Way (#173, G5) 28,500 gp Often called the Elven Sanctuary, this compound is for elves only. The master of…

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Iridithil’s Home Homebrew Map by Chamdar

Download High Resolution Iridithil’s Home Homebrew Map

Iridithil's Home overhead layout grid map in Midtown of Ptolus with The Winds Mystery and The Sea's Mistress and The Arrow's Flight and The Sky's Lord

Homebrew Encounter:

Players could encounter Fira Mournhell (Female Human Bard) getting information about her new found magical longbow.

Homebrew Description of Iridithil’s Home

Seated at the highest point in the heavily wooded Emerald Hill neighborhood, their destination’s walls could be clearly seen in the fading light as they traversed Sunrise Street from the Temple District. Emerald Hill was named for its greater than normal volume of trees, shrubbery, and grassy lawns. The neighborhood was a favorite among elves. It was generally considered one of the nicer, safer neighborhoods in Midtown, if not in all of Ptolus. Unlike the rest of the city, the buildings in Emerald Hill were almost all uniformly made only of wood, no stone. Most were built in the elven style of sloping span roofs and were angular or curved rather than rectangular. Tree-lined boulevards were the norm, along with small but verdant parks.

At the heart of Emerald Hill, at the literal top of the hill, lay the walled compound known as Iridithil’s Home.

Elven Halberd Short Sword Spear Elf Guard Ptolus City by the Spire Iridithils Home Emerald Hill MidtownThey made their way along the graceful and curving paths which lead to twin, ornate gates. Two elves stood guard outside the currently open gates. Neither moved from their at rest positions, each holding a long, curved blade that resembled an elven sword atop an embellished pole more than a traditional halberd. Both nodded to the Minotaur, but eyed the three companions up and down with pursed lips. Both guards’ heads swiveled to follow the group’s progression inside then they turned back to their survey of the road. Moments after they entered a trilling bird sounded loudly from near the wall, to be answered shortly by another to their right, and a final call from the far left.

Four distinct buildings stood inside the sumptuous, bulwarked sanctuary. The two smallest buildings were side by side just as they entered. Behind the first, several targets were setup, with a small host of elves practicing with both short and longbows. Several turned to regard the newcomers.

On their right, they could only see the roof of a tall building which was likely the size of both these smaller buildings combined.

Finally, there was no missing The Wind’s Mystery rising before them in all its elven architectural beauty. Beyond a very well manicured lawn with copious flowers and plants interspersed sat the two story structure.

The Wind’s Mystery was a large, lavish tavern and inn. Two more guards, armed and armored identical to the first duo the group passed, flanked the curved, double doors that entered the beautiful building. Inside the ceiling created a grand, vaulted chamber which was the centerpiece of the two-story building.

The Wind’s Mystery served elven wine and dishes, both of which were known for their complicated flavors. The food was all delicately prepared and seasoned. Dishes included duck, venison, pheasant, and a great many soups, some hot and some cold.

Elves were well known for their decorum, and it was obvious most of the several dozen inside the beautiful building were straining against their etiquette training. Small whispers swept through the place, only a head or two turning to regard them before swiveling back in feigned disinterest. A small orchestra played stringed instruments accompanied by the light notes of a flute and piccolo.

Shibata moved off to a table farthest from any occupied and took a seat. He leaned the long staff, which bore the wide-spread winged bird symbol atop it, against his high backed chair and gestured for the others to take their seats.

A straight backed male elf, Heifaren, veritably glided over to them, his feet movement invisible beneath a long toga. Silver hair fell behind him, nearly to his glutes, and swished gracefully from side to side with his deliberate movements.