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Turnback Street (#182, G6). Proprietor: Coss Nallisir (female tiefling). Old Lady Coss’ is a legal brothel in the Fairbriar neighborhood of Midtown. The brothel is a two story building with a tower on one corner.

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Homebrew by CSDavis:

Old Lady Coss Nallisir Portrait Owner of Legal Brothel in Fairbriar Neighborhood in Midtown Ptolus City by the Spire

Old Lady Coss Nallisir Unofficial Portrait

Old Lady Coss’ is a legal brothel in the Fairbriar neighborhood of Midtown. The brothel is a two story building with a tower on one corner. Its ground floor is made of stone with the second floor made of wood. A low wall surrounds a well-tended courtyard in the front of the building. A graveled path leads from a delicate wrought iron gate, past a large trickling fountain, to a sizable veranda sweeping across the front of the building. On the first floor, the windows are of expensive stained glass, depicting pleasant floral patterns. On the second floor, the windows are of leaded glass in a diamond pattern.

A burly half orc, dressed in a fine purple velvet jacket, and a frilly white linen shirt greets patrons at the door, as well as checks their weapons. As Lady Coss would tell anyone, this was a ‘house of love, not battle’ and the only one beyond it’s doors bearing any weapons were her guards and those sly enough to sneak one in.

The main parlor is more like a large gallery, open clear to the floor above. The furnishings are lavish. Thickly padded upholstered lounges and love seats are tastefully scattered about the room, breaks the large space into small seating areas suitable for conversation and privacy. Heavy curtains and tapestries of deep reds, trimmed in gold cording line the walls. A grand staircase made of deep stained mahogany leads to the many bedchambers to be found upstairs. On the center of the floor is a life-size mosaic of two women entwined in love. Directly above, a massive crystal and gold chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Higher still, the ceiling is painted to resemble the night sky. Faint magical glows, twinkling softly, emanate from the stars painted upon the ceiling.

This house of debauchery is home to seven prostitutes, all who work for Lady Coss. She runs an honest, and well managed business. The women are well cared for, the establishment is clean and caters mostly to delvers and others from around the city who choose to travel far, for discretion. It is not uncommon for many of the patrons to wear masks to disguise their features, so that prying eyes may not know exactly who comes and goes.

The sell of illegal drugs (mainly opium, and never shivvel) is not frowned upon here, nor is drunken revelry. Many suspect that the business is a front for the Balacazars, but this is not true. Old Lady Coss has resisted their efforts to control her business for years. In retaliation, the crime boss has opened a number of illegal brothels in the area, as well as gained control of a majority of the street walkers on Tavern Row.

Credit to CSDavis: https://thespire.obsidianportal.com/wikis/old-lady-coss