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Iron Street (#223, K7) Proprietor: Buele Nox (male half-elf sorcerer4) Number of Staff: 4 Notes: Stock as on page 426 Buele Nox…

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Inside Potions and Elixirs, Buele, a man with more than some elven heritage, greeted them. He was moving around the shop, tidying up a few things, adding labels and instructing a few staff members on organization.

“Good Day. I hope the Spire’s Shadow is in your favor today. May I assist you with something?” He asked stately and politely.

Homebrew Map of Potions and Elixirs Shop

There’s another homebrew map of an Apothecary Shop on Zel’s Poultice Shop location.

Apothecary Shop Potions and Elixers Store Location Homebrew Map Ptolus City Urban

Image Credit: Tom Cartos