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Yeoman Street (#196, H7) 200 gp This women’s clothing store has a staff of three clerks and two seamstresses. It…

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Homebrew Maps for Saches

Renèes Ravishing Raiments 01 Shop Floor Homebrew Map Saches Womens Clothing Shop Ptolus City Urban

Tom Cartos made a perfect map you can use for Saches Women Clothing Store. This is only the ground level. There are 3 more levels on the post: Renées Ravishing Raiments Homebrew Map for Saches Women’s Clothing

Homebrew Names of Seamstresses

  • Phon Quartermain (on maternity leave)
    • She is part of the Ptolus Adventures.
  • Telri Besso
    • 26 year old female human
    • She has long, straight, dyed black hair and brown eyes.
    • She has smooth pink skin.
    • She stands 172cm (5’7″) tall and has an overweight build.
    • She has a square, pockmarked face.
    • She has a badly done tribal tattoo on her right arm.
    • She openly worships Harredda, Mistress of Ravens. Air, Animal, Protection. (True Neutral)
    • She always keeps score.
    • She can’t stand laziness.
    • She has a crude sense of humour.
    • She is part of a local drug dealing circle.
  • Jacalyn Smallburrow
    • 29 year old female lightfoot halfling
    • She has cropped, straight, brown hair and cyan eyes.
    • She has smooth brown skin.
    • She stands 79cm (2’7″) tall and has a skinny build.
    • She has an oval, innocent face.
    • She openly worships Tyr, God of justice. (Lawful Good)
    • She would rather act than talk or think.
    • She is not very obstinate.
    • She spaces out often, lost in thought.
    • Plot hook: She is being randomly pranked by a leprechaun.
  • Catherine McKinnon
    • 18 year old female human.
    • She has cropped, straight, black hair and gray eyes.
    • She has silky white skin.
    • She stands 185cm (6’0″) tall
    • She has a round, bland face.
    • She sporadically squints.
    • She openly worships Silvanus, God of wild nature, druids. (True Neutral)
    • She will ponder the pros and cons before making a decision.
    • She is very cowardly.
    • She frequently misuses long words to sound smarter.
    • She is kleptomaniac.
  • Helena Mistsplitter
    • 23 year old female half-elf.
    • She has blue eyes.
    • She has shiny, dark brown hair down to her waist.
    • She stands 134cm (4’4″) tall and has a regular build.
    • She has an oval, typical face.
    • She has 3 elaborate piercings on her lip.
    • She is missing two fingers from her left hand.
    • She openly worships Mystra, Goddess of magic, spells, the Weave. (Neutral Good)
    • She will always prioritize her needs.
    • She is slightly conceited.
    • Plot hook: She lives with a succubus.

Homebrew Sign for Saches

Logo Clothing Shop Sachs Ptolus City by the Spire Homebrew Artwork