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Fairbriar Street (#178, G6) Proprietor: Tillie Milkwood (female halfling expert3) Number of Staff: 4 Notes: Small furniture shop

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She is a 38 year old female lightfoot halfling.
She has short, auburn hair and gray eyes.
She stands 102cm (3’4″) tall and has a muscular build.
She has an oval, pockmarked face.
She smells slightly like a forest.
She discretely worships Yondalla, Goddess of halflings, bounty, protection, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation and family. (Lawful Good)
She will always prioritize the needs of other people, even to her detriment.
She is an example of modesty.
She likes animals more than people.
She is totally oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.
She lies poorly on purpose.
She is married.

Plot Hook: She needs the party to deliver a precious robe to her brother.