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Full of a strange mixture of farmers, laborers, and marketplace merchants, the Red Stallion is the largest, most popular alehouse in the North Market district.

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Red Stallion Pub Homebrew Content

Red Stallion Pub Homebrew Map

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The inn is a one-storey timber and stone building, with several stained glass windows and some elf-wrought tables and chairs that seem out of place for a tavern with a mostly “blue collar” clientelle.


One of the innkeepers is a tall female human named Yallis. She possesses a magical hammer which  once belonged to the renowned fighter Eveth, who defeated the Dragon of the Dagger Hills.


  • Roasted Chicken and Cranberry Tart, Glass of Whiskey (1 sp)
  • Boiled Crab and Dried Radish, Tankard of Ale (11 cp)
  • Steamed Lamb with Ginger and Buckwheat Bread, Glass of Brandy (4 sp)
  • Roasted Catfish and Lemon Pie, Glass of Wine (2 sp)


Eanellas: Female Elf Scofflaw, Good. Eanellas has black hair and sharp green eyes. She wears plain clothing and carries a cedar staff. Eanellas holds a grudge against clerics.

Cilia Velley: Female Halfling Scholar, Evil. Cilia has matted white hair and light blue eyes, and an unusual tattoo on her leg. She wears modest garments and carries a fine stiletto. Cilia seeks a company of adventurers to thwart the monstrous plan of Vale the Lich Knight.

Sigga Rosskedotr: Female Dwarf Craftsman, Evil. Sigga has auburn hair and light gray eyes, and wears glasses with gold rims. She wears simple clothing and riding boots. Sigga has an animal companion, a ginger cat named Thatur.

Eonild: Female Human Entertainer, Neutral. Eonild is fey in appearance, with cropped gray hair and brown eyes. She wears tailored clothing and a dragonscale cloak. Eonild seeks only fame and glory.


  • Hany the poulter has been searching the area near the Sanctuary of Gardens.
  • Bely has challenged Reder the limner to a duel.
  • A silver dragon is held imprisoned within the Sanctum of Arcane Madness, trapped behind a magical door with nine seals.
  • Magic is altered in strange ways within the Tumunzar Mountains.
  • A king is held captive within the Barrow of Bloody Evil.
  • A swarm of gargoyles lurks in the ruins of Agser’s Deep.
  • The brutal murderer Vala was seen near the hall of the Monks Guild.