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Majordomo of the Inverted Pyramid Headquarters

It only made sense to me that an Inverted Pyramid member would not always bother Jevicca Nor for mundane things, or to learn how the inside of the Pyramid Headquarters would work, so I created Dora Maycey.

Dora Maycey Female Halfling Wizard Majordomo of the Inverted Pyramid Headquarters above Oldtown in Ptolus

Dora Maycey

She a 41 year old stout, female, halfling, wizard 8, member of the Inverted Pyramid.
She has long, curled, brown hair and brown eyes.
She has rough brown skin.
She stands 99cm (3’2″) tall and has a muscular build.
She has a square, beautiful face.
She has a high-pitched voice.
She proudly worships Yondalla, Goddess of halflings, bounty, protection, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation and family. (Lawful Good)
She is always ready to help others.
She is a perfectionist.
She will intermittently pray at inopportune moments.
She doesn’t like change.

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Strength 9 [0]
Dexterity 14 [+2]
Constitution 11 [+1]
Intellect 16 [+3]
Wisdom 16 [+3]
Charisma 14 [+2]

Personality: She misses her glory days as an athlete.

Possessions: Gold music box (2000 gp). Black velvet mask with numerous citrines (40 gp). Silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt (800 gp). Fire opal pendant on a fine gold chain (400 gp).

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