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Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix is a 350 year old male gnome wizard who rides a large owl named Hesperos. He frequents Danbury's and enjoys chatting with Delvers/Adventurers. He is quick to share spells with anyone interested who is polite.

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Enitix Enidon Xalbis Yetix is a 350 year old male gnome wizard

He rides a large owl named Hesperos
He has very long, white hair and blue eyes, but he’s often wearing goggles
He has soft gray skin.
He stands 104cm (3’4″) tall and has a muscular build.
He has an oval, slightly bulbous face.

He often smells of sweat.
He is a very good diplomat and always works towards resolution of conflict.
He is very generous.
He is always sharing his wisdom.

He discretely worships Kharos, God of Magic (N) : Knowledge, Magic. An old Prustan deity, Kharos is lord of wizardly magic.

Enitix is NOT a member of the Inverted Pyramid. He did some delving, but he’s very secretive about it.

Scenario: Enitix would be a perfect wizard to have new arcane casters network with. Neban at Danbury’s could refer Delvers to him, or he could be encountered there.

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