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Fira Mournhell is a 47 year old female human bard.

Female Woman Human Bard Black African American Fira Mournhell Ptolus City by the Spire NPC Magical Longbow Legendary Dungeons Dragons Pathfinder 5E DND D20She has cropped, curled, brown hair and blue eyes.
She has smooth brown skin.
She stands 157cm (5’1″) tall and has a round build.
She has a round, stunning face.
She is very clumsy.

She sporadically squints.
She quietly worships Kelemvor, God of death and the dead. (Lawful Neutral) OR the Ptolus Deity: The Old Man (LN) : Knowledge, Law, Trickery.
She is an hopeless romantic.
She is incredibly lazy.
She doesn’t like parting with her money or possessions.
She has a pet cat companion named Peanut.

She has recently come into possession of a powerful magical longbow, and nobody knows how.

Fira would be a perfect person to encounter trying to get the magical longbow appraised at Rastor’s Weapons or Navaen Bowcraft. She could be affiliated with the Knights of the Chord, or not. Perhaps a member of the Order of the Bow (see The Arrow’s Flight) , or the organization itself, is interested in her discovery.

Image Credit: It was found on Pinterest and I could not find the original artist. If you know who, please Contact Me and I would love to property attribute this artwork.

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