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Male, half-elf, Paladin 8th Level

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Homebrew for Kalerecent’s Last Name: Isilielenion

In our Vogh Kath Campaign, after the group rescued the Sword of Lies (actually the Sword of Truth under an evil spell) from the Banewarrens, the party gave it to the Church of Lothian. Later, Archbishop Adlam Theobold broke the spell and presented Kalerecent with the Sword of Truth to be his weapon and promoted him to Lieutenant with a group of soldiers under his command.

Homebrew Portrait of Kalerecent in Armor

Kalerecent Lothian Elf Paladin Elven Banewarrens Ptolus City by the Spire Sword of Truth Holy Avenger

Homebrew Portrait of Kalerecent in Plain Clothes