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Hammersong Vaults, owned by Ollam Hammersong, occupies a small, windowless, all-brick building in Oldtown. Homebrew Map.

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Homebrew Map of Hammersong Vaults

This map isn’t a perfect fit for Hammerson, but there aren’t a ton of medieval bank maps available. Perhaps the vault pictured here is a fake. Or perhaps it’s just a temporary holding location until things are taken “below” at the end of every day. You could have the access to the actual vaults which are simply described as “below this structure” be hidden beneath one of these floor tiles, or one of the desks in the offices.

Hammersong Vaults Small Windowless All Brick Building Bank Banking Vault Lockbox Homebrew Ptolus Map City Urban

Download High Res Map of Hammersong Vaults

Image Credit: Tom Cartos