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Ptolus : Tales Under the Spire. Chapter 1 Part 7

Chapter 1. Part 7. This is a reading of my Ptolus Campaign which we've been running since 2017. Our game is a Play-by-Post game, so everything is written out in forum posts. Every Tuesday I will release a new reading of those posts. (Audiobook/Podcast)

Dwarven Mining Company Headquarters Mansion

This opulent Dwarven mansion serves as the central hub for the Dwarves' surface mining operations. Coordinating shipments of ore and precious stones, it also functions as a historical archive and museum showcasing the rich history of the Mining Company.

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Mage’s Tower Modular Map for Wizard’s Home

You can mix and match the levels of this Mage's Tower to suit your game's needs. The Ground Floor graphic has all the levels with stairs showing it leads up. Then the Additional Levels map shows all the Floors available to you. Mix and match them in whatever order you want. Since there are no surrounding details, you could drop this tower anywhere in Ptolus.

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