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Ptolus : Tales Under the Spire. Chapter 1 Part 7

Chapter 1. Part 7. This is a reading of my Ptolus Campaign which we've been running since 2017. Our game is a Play-by-Post game, so everything is written out in forum posts. Every Tuesday I will release a new reading of those posts. (Audiobook/Podcast)

  • City Watchhouse day Watch House Garrison Barracks Jail Guard Duty Ptolus Homebrew Map

City Watchhouse Homebrew Map Guard Watch House

Ptolus Homebrew City Watchhouse Map Day Download High Resolution City Watchhouse Map Day Ptolus Homebrew City Watchhouse Map Night Download High Resolution City Watchhouse Map Night Ptolus Homebrew City Watchhouse Map Interior Scene Download High [...]

  • Guildhall 02 Grand Hall Homebrew Citadel of Might Order Iron Might Ptolus Maps

Adventurer’s Guildhall Homebrew Map for Citadel of Might

Those who are successful in their application gain access to the Guild's training facilities and masters, free accommodation and meals whenever they are in town, the guild mission board, secure storage, extensive library, priest, in-house blacksmith, artificer and apothecary and financial services such as monetary exchange and loans, among many other perks and boons.

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