Ptolus is an exciting city, but in order to truly understand the place, one has to understand its context, both in relation to the world around it and to the events that have come before now—even those that occurred before the city existed.

In Part II, you will find a wealth of information to establish the background of Ptolus. You’ll learn about the world of Praemal: the lands around Ptolus, the languages spoken there, and even some out-of-the-ordinary materials that one can find. You’ll discover new facts about the races available in the Ptolus Campaign. You’ll read about the creation of the world and its relationship to other worlds and planes, as well as about the various gods worshipped across the lands—especially the most popular religion, that of the god Lothian. You’ll delve deeply into the ten-thousand-year history of Praemal, discovering many amazing and significant events. And finally, you’ll meet many of the groups that operate in Ptolus.

Much of the information in Part II is of interest to players, but most of it should remain a secret at first. For example, consider the majority of the cosmological details privileged information—facts the PCs might discover as the campaign progresses.

Chapters in Part 2

Chapter 2: The World

Chapter 3: Races

Chapter 4: Cosmology and Religion

Chapter 5: History

Chapter 6: Organizations