Finally, the city of Ptolus! This section of the book offers a chapter on each of the city’s eleven districts. But first, Chapter 7: City by the Spire provides information that applies to every district or to the city as a whole. Here, you’ll find information about Ptolus’ races, its climate, layout, economy, and much more. This overview also details the Commissar and City Council, the City Watch, and other official institutions. (Although for information regarding crime and punishment, and further details about being a Ptolus resident or an adventurer in the city, turn to Part VI: Living in Ptolus.)

Following this overview chapter, you will find the individual districts. Players should not read the district chapters. The information in Part III is best left for the player characters to discover firsthand. Although DMs can freely explain that the most popular tavern in Midtown is the Ghostly Minstrel, or that the best place to look for unusual magic items is a shop in Delver’s Square, they won’t want to reveal the secret location of the Chapel of the Final Resolution in the Warrens or let the PCs learn the details of the dungeons that lie below the Dark Reliquary.

Chapter 7: City by the Spire
Chapter 8: Docks
Chapter 9: Guildsman District
Chapter 10: Midtown
Chapter 11: Necropolis
Chapter 12: Nobles’ Quarter
Chapter 13: North Market
Chapter 14: Oldtown
Chapter 15: Rivergate District
Chapter 16: South Market
Chapter 17: Temple District
Chapter 18: The Warrens