Even after all of the places have been detailed and the people described, there’s still more to consider about the city of Ptolus – what is it like to actually live there? What’s the typical home like, what do people do for entertainment, and what kinds of tools do they use?

The following chapters give the reader an idea of what it’s like to actually walk the streets of Ptolus.

In Part VI, you will learn what life is like for an average Ptolusite. You’ll also get a feel for the life of a common adventurer in Ptolus, and how it’s different from living elsewhere. One chapter explores the extensive and complicated topic of Imperial law, offering you an idea of what is and isn’t legal and how the authorities deal with crime. Another chapter discusses scientific wonders, including firearms, clocks, printing presses, and more. And from there we move on to a brief look at chaositech, the evil twin of technology.

Chapter 26: On Being a Resident
Chapter 27: On Being a Delver
Chapter 28: Crime and the Law
Chapter 29: Technology
Chapter 30: Chaositech