An order of monks who believe that no evil is irredeemable, the Brotherhood of Redemption seeks to give any evil creature a chance to repent. Its members do not believe in “inherent evil.” Specializing in rehabilitation, they operate in the Dungeon out of the Fortress of the Redeemed but maintain a surface headquarters in the Guildsman District. They make it known that they willingly accept any prisoners who are not of the major races—in fact, they’ll pay a small bounty (5 gp per Hit Die) for evil creatures with a modicum of intelligence (in other words, an Intelligence score of 3 or above).

Adventurers weary of dealing with the “What do we do with the prisoners?” situation can simply take their monstrous captives to the Brotherhood of Redemption. Not only will the Brothers attempt to “rehabilitate” the captives, but they will pay a reward, too. Urlenius the ogre-mage was brought in by a group of delvers years ago and now is a well-respected priest of Navashtrom.