People looking for magic items could do worse than come to Delver’s Square in Midtown.

In the square, one can find Myraeth’s Oddities, a shop that buys magic items of all kinds and resells them. This is a good place to acquire miscellaneous items, as well as potions, rings, wands, and scrolls. However, Myraeth doesn’t sell weapons or armor— for those items, try Rastor’s or the Bull and Bear, also in Delver’s Square. Like Myraeth’s, they may have used magical equipment to sell.

Just a few buildings down is Danbury’s, a tavern in which one can find a representative of the Dreaming Apothecary, an organization that makes new magic items (see page 24). Across the street, you can also find St. Gustav’s Chapel, a great place to obtain healing potions and holy items