You are either from Ptolus or have come to the city from elsewhere. If you are a city native, think about what district you grew up in and where you live now. Consider some of the organizations involved in the city, and decide whether you have any affiliation with them or, more likely, aspire to have one (your DM may wish to have a say in this).

If you are not a Ptolus native, the DM will help you create your background by providing details about the lands that surround the city. You should think about why you’ve come to Ptolus.

It also is the responsibility of the players to decide how the PC group forms. Some ideas:

  • You’ve all come to Ptolus looking to strike it rich (or for other reasons), and you meet on the road and decide to work together.
  • Two or more people in the group are family members or long-term friends already.
  • Two or more of you met recently and discovered that your goals coincide enough to band together for mutual support.
  • Some major patron has gathered you together for a specific task.

You can even work out a couple different reasons to join together into two or three small groups, then leave it to the DM to throw the groups together once you’re in the city. In that case, at least some of your initial meetings will occur in-game, and you’ll know some of the other PCs better than others.

Your DM can give you access to a poster map of the city of Ptolus, a calendar to help you keep track of time passage, and a few more visual aids.

Player Character Backgrounds

Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you create your Ptolus player characters.

Background: This was the occupation the character had before the game started.

Most Likely Classes: Although any class can have any background, these classes are the most appropriate for the given background.

Benefits: As an option, the DM can award characters a benefit that reflects their background. Bonuses are competence bonuses. “Special Contacts” are people the DM creates related to the background; the PC can consult them for information or even assistance. If nothing else, using these contacts provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Gather Information checks made in the contacts’ area of knowledge.

Home District: This is the district that a Ptolus native with the given background would call home (although not necessarily the district where his family lives or where he was born). If more than one is listed, the player may choose. The Necropolis is never considered a home district, even when it says “any.”