From left: Shoal elf, litorian, Stonelost dwarf, halfling, human, and gnome.

All of the following races are available as player characters. They’re also the most common races that you’ll encounter as NPCs.

Humans make up around 70 percent of Ptolus’ population. Elves are the next most common race but they constitute only 10 percent of the populace. After that come dwarves, halflings, litorians, gnomes, half-elves, centaurs, orcs and half-orcs, and lizardfolk—in that order.

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Ptolus is an extremely humanocentric city. However, compared to other cities in the world, it seems very cosmopolitan. Such creatures as orcs and minotaurs, which would be considered monsters anywhere else in the Empire, actually make their homes right here in the city. It should be noted, though, that such creatures are by far the exception and face daily prejudice, discrimination, and hostility from other residents. Even far more common creatures, such as litorians (which make up 2 percent of Ptolus’ population) frequently face similar reactions.

“Every day, more eager young treasure-seekers come through the city gates hoping to find adventure and riches. Most of them leave Ptolus in coffins, yet still they keep coming.” —Zade Kenevan, bartender at the Ghostly Minstrel in Delver’s Square