Below is a small sampling of cultural customs widely observed throughout the setting.

Brightfather’s Day: This longstanding holiday is still observed every Fourteenth of Blessing, although its exact origins are now lost. Most religions have adopted it as a high holy day to revere an important god. All look upon it as a day of feasting, family, and making peace with enemies.

Dreamspeakers: Since ancient times, religious people have attempted to interpret the dreams of others, thinking they represented some sort of “sending” from a divine source. Today, dreamspeakers are minor fortunetellers or wise women who, for a small price, tell one the meaning of one’s dreams. Many do not take these oracles seriously, but even believers admit that some dreamspeakers just make up their interpretations. Only a select few actually have any preternatural affinity with dream meanings.

Friendship Bands: Long ago, it became a custom to write one’s name on a thin strip of cloth and wrap it around the index finger of an ally. This sacred bond of trust displays your feelings of close friendship. It’s said that in older times, kings used the bands as a way to demonstrate their support to their vassals (and, in turn, lesser nobles gave them to their liege to show loyalty). Essentially, the giving of a friendship band means, “I’ll work with you/follow you/help you because I respect you.”

House Gifts: Although not everyone adheres to the belief behind the giving of house gifts, it’s practiced widely. It is held that every home develops a spirit, sometimes called a luritas. When coming to someone’s home for the first time, or when invited formally, people bring the luritas a little gift—a shiny bauble, a coin, a tiny icon, or anything similar. The small object is placed upon a shelf always found near the entrance built upon the inside wall.

Even though a mug of ale in a tavern is cheap, most Ptolus locals still can’t afford to frequent drinking houses. Neighborhood parties, in which everyone pitches in to buy a keg of cheap ale, are common. These parties usually involve a lot of dancing, music, and storytelling