Characters can buy and sell equipment costing up to 100,000 gp in the large city that is Ptolus. Standard gear is available throughout the city, although Ebbert’s Outfitters in Delver’s Square is a popular spot for adventurers. One can buy and sell magical gear in Midtown at Myraeth’s Oddities— a shop run by an elf wizard named Myraeth and guarded by powerful wards and a couple of ogre fighters. Myraeth also buys other valuables (gems, jewelry, artwork, and so on) for a fair price and offers spell components and similar wares as well as resale magic items. The DM should determine at any given time what magic items Myraeth has on hand. For 100 gp per item he also can identify items brought to him, with a twenty-four-hour turnaround. For custom-made permanent magic items, people sometimes speak of the Dreaming Apothecary, but characters just starting out do not know how to contact this group.

A shop called Potions and Elixirs, in Midtown and the Undercity Market, has a large stock of potions for sale. A number of arcanists offer scrolls for sale all over town. A few other places sell potions as well, and most temples sell divine scrolls and potions to help fund their religion.