Unlike the Core Rules, in Ptolus characters have access—albeit extremely limited—to a slightly higher level of technology than what would be considered early medieval. This includes firearms, most commonly known as “dragon pistols” and “dragon rifles” (although there are other types as well). It also includes spyglasses, pocketwatches, spectacles, and powder bombs. In the city, player characters will find printing presses, hot air balloons, and even steam engines.

Firearms and Technology in PtolusHowever, all these devices are rare and steadily becoming more so. Such advancements in science helped forge the Empire, but as the Empire declines, so too does the knowledge of how to create and maintain these wonderful devices. It is often difficult to purchase such items these days— although scuttlebutt has it that they are available at a place in the North Market called the Smoke Shop.

Using firearms requires a special exotic weapon proficiency feat. Those who are particularly interested in technology will want to take ranks in Craft (machines) or Knowledge (machines).