As a player in the Ptolus Campaign, you may find that your character has occasion to meet some of these important citizens.

Aoska. One of the Commissar’s Twelve Commanders. A Malkuth woman with a unicorn horn growing out of her head.

Beck Von Tibbitz. Paladin and one of the leaders of the Keepers of the Veil.

Daersidian Ringsire. Well-known elf battle mage who rides a wyvern.

Daersidian Ringsire is a friend of Sheva’s and a fellow adventurer. He is never seen without his adventuring partner, the halfling rogue Brusselt Airmol (see page 17). These two have made names for themselves with such diverse adventures as stopping an entire tribe of hill giants from raiding small communities outside of Ptolus, and infiltrating the manor of House Sadar looking for an artifact called the box of shadows.

Dered Abanar. Head of House Abanar.

Devina Kath. Head of House Kath.

Dierna Hillerchaun. Leader of the Knights of the Pale. Lives in a manor house called the Bladechapel in Oldtown.

Doraedian Mythlord. Elf master of Iridithil’s Home, an elvish sanctuary. Very influential in town.

Dorant Khatru. Head of House Khatru. Ebbert Boltcrafter. Dwarf who operates an outfitters’ shop in Delver’s Square.

The Emperor of the Church. Holy Emperor Rehoboth, who claims to be the rightful temporal Emperor as well.

Fabitor Thisk. Cleric and pastor of St. Gustav’s Chapel, which caters to adventurers.

Igor Urnst. The Commissar of Ptolus.

Iristul Vladaam. Head of House Vladaam.

The Iron Mage. Rarely seen in public. It’s said that the Iron Mage is the most powerful wizard in Ptolus (he notably does not belong to the Inverted Pyramid).

Jevicca Nor. Human member of the Inverted Pyramid. Powerful sorceress.

Jirraith. Crime lord operating out of the Warrens. Runs the Pale Dogs.

Kevris Killraven. Female crime lord.

Kirian Ylestos. The Prince of the Church.

Kirstol Dallimothan. Lord of House Dallimothan. He may be a dragon or half-dragon himself.

Malkeen Balacazar. Son of the crime lord Menon.

Menon Balacazar. Crime lord who also deals in necromancy and black magic, the trade of forbidden items, demonic slaves, etc.

Myraeth Tuneweaver. Elf who owns Myraeth’s Oddities in Delver’s Square. Sells odd trinkets, Undercity souvenirs, and minor magic stuff recovered from the Dungeon.

Peliope Erthuo. Head of House Erthuo.

Phadian Gess. A cleric of Lothian and one of the leaders of the Keepers of the Veil.

Rastor. Litorian who operates a weapon shop in Delver’s Square.

Renn Sadar. Head of House Sadar.

Savane. Leader of the Shuul.

Small Portrait of Sheva Callister one of the city’s best-known delvers in Ptolus

Sheva Callister

Sheva Callister is a well-known adventurer in Ptolus. She is retired, however, and has sold most of her equipment. She still frequents places like Delver’s Square and the Undercity Market, though, and she still carries her infamous magical greatsword.

Shibata minotaur priest of Niveral god of secrets in Ptolus


Shibata is a well-known minotaur priest of Niveral, god of secrets.

Sorum Dandubal. Guildmaster Delver and council member.

Steron Vsool. Human champion of Gaen. His heart glows so brightly that you can see it within his chest.

Tagel Unergart. Paladin of the Church of Lothian and head of the Order of the Dawn.

Tarin Ursalatao. Male human bard, uncanny in his charm.

Thollos Shever. Head of House Shever.

Urlenius, Star of Navashtrom. Ogre-mage cleric of Navashtrom, God of Harmony. Bears many ioun stones. Major representative of the Brotherhood of Redemption.

Verrana Rau. Head of House Rau.

Wynn Rabinall. High-level monk and leader of the Order of the Fist.

Zade Kenevan. Human bartender at the Ghostly Minstrel. Bald, thin, and gruff.