Since the dawning of the Empire, surnames have become popular, because the Prust have long used them. Prustan (Imperial) names sound Germanic or even Prussian. Other human names descend from such diverse cultural backgrounds that they can be almost anything. Some halfling names sound a bit like non-Prustan human names, while others hearken back to the race’s distant elf ancestry.

Dwarvish names are short and somewhat harsh, often using diphthongs like “au” and “ou.” Elvish names are long and grand, using diphthongs like “ae” “ai” and “oe.” Both dwarves and elves often use surnames that are Common tongue translations, like Stonemate or Hammersblood for dwarves and Moonshadow or Wavesong for elves; many gnomes have a similar practice. Some elves—particularly those from the south—keep the Elvish translations of their surnames, like Lorenci or Vaenarum.