While by no means comprehensive, the following list includes some of the more predominant nonplayer character races involved in the Ptolus Campaign. These races are unavailable as player character race choices without permission from the DM.


Graced with celestial blood in their veins, these fortunate scions of blessed creatures have a representative of Heaven as part of their heritage.

Elves, Dark

One must delve deep into elvish history to trace the origin of this splinter race of elvenkind. Mostly subterranean, dark elves are rarely seen, although the Stonelost dwarves say their people fought great underground wars with them before Ghul drove the dwarves from Dwarvenhearth. Sadistic and cruel, they revere evil gods who urge them toward conquest and dominance.


Although most of them are quite bestial, some minotaurs are intelligent and civilized—albeit bloodthirsty by most people’s standards. Most of these intelligent individuals are outcasts, although sometimes they become leaders. They often become powerful sorcerers or clerics as well.


Orc myth contends that these creatures were birthed by an evil demon god, although some ancient texts claim they were created by an evil wizard. It is impossible to dispute, however, that the orcs who dwell in the area around Ptolus were modified and bred by the evil lord Ghul. The Toruk-Rul orcs are large, bestial, and ferocious. Their name means “closing fist” and they typify everything that people think of when they say “orc.” The Sorn-Ulth (“bleeding breath”) orcs are dark skinned and smaller than the Toruk-Rul orcs, bred for evil magic and stealth. Both of these greater orc tribes live along the coast of the Whitewind Sea.

The orcs who call themselves Ornu-Nom (“howling axe”) never suffered Ghul’s manipulations. They dwell in the wilderness throughout Palastan and Rhoth. The Ornu-Nom have a sense of savage nobility to them, but they remain the deadly enemies of humans and most other races.


These individuals have fiendish blood flowing through their veins in some small but measurable quantity. Tieflings are a rare but significant force in Ptolus.

The Unwanted

The city also is home to goblins, ratmen, and other undesirable elements. Most people consider these creatures more of an infestation than true inhabitants, though. These “residents” contribute nothing to Ptolus, but they prey on its populace, stealing what they need to live.