Visitors to Ptolus will discover a melange of architectural styles. Many of the buildings—especially official Imperial structures— represent traditional Prustan designs from the east: imported marble façades, tall columns, and grand entrances. On the other hand, local Palastani influences are visible on nearly every street. Characteristics include much simpler and more practical designs, use of local stone and wood, and insulating siding materials.

Of course, the predominant style changes from district to district, and even from block to block within the same area. But overall, Oldtown and the Nobles’ Quarter appear heavily Prustan, while the markets, Rivergate, and the Guildsman District are generally Palastani in style. Midtown is a good example of a blend of styles, plus some more exotic architecture of elven, gnomish, and halfling design.

This structure shows a blending of Prustan style (soaring facade, tall windows, prominent entry) with Palastani influences (local brickwork, economical design).