Although the worship of Lothian, the official Imperial deity, is the dominant religion of the city, Ptolus’ cosmopolitan residents revere hundreds of other gods as well.

Blessed Bridge across the Kings River in the Temple District of Ptolus the City by the Spire

Blessed Bridge

Temples, churches, shrines, and small monasteries fill this district in the north central part of town, with the Street of a Million Gods (a bit of an exaggeration) running through it from north to south. Even the Blessed Bridge across the King’s River here has small shrines built upon and into it.

The district stretches east and west from the Street of a Million Gods. Notable sights include St. Valien’s Cathedral for worshippers of Lothian and the Priory of Introspection, where the Sisterhood of Silence is based. Although clerics are the most common representatives of the many gods, a number of temples support monks and paladins as well. The Temple District has a single bar, Taggert’s, which is also a temple to Ollom, God of the Keg.