The Fallen are fiends also known as the “young demons,” though few people care to dwell long on the question of who the “old” demons might be. The Fallen live in the Dark Reliquary of the Necropolis with their allies, the Forsaken, and follow the leadership of two demons whose names are only whispered: Raguel and Lilith.

Most people wish the Fallen were not in Ptolus but, for demons who dwell within the city’s walls, they actually cause surprisingly little trouble. Few speak of them, but when they do, they often claim these demons are either waiting for something or quietly looking for something.

People of Ptolus do not bring up the Fallen or the Forsaken in polite conversation. Most people think of these groups as they would a nearby hive of wasps, hoping that if they don’t disturb these undesirables, the dangerous groups won’t threaten them. Certain stalwart orders, such as the Keepers of the Veil and the Knights of the Pale, believe otherwise.