Those who value death and undeath more than life are called the Forsaken. Necrophiles, necrophages, and necrophiliacs, these disgusting people worship dark gods and consort openly with undead and the Fallen. They base their activities in the Necropolis.

The Forsaken are the sworn foes of the valiant Keepers of the Veil. A smaller subgroup within their ranks called the Licheloved carry out the will of dark death gods in ways that— it’s said—even the other Forsaken find difficult to stomach. Another subgroup, the Torrens, are specifically anti-Lothianite.

Some of the Forsaken are living people who consort with the undead, while others are actually undead themselves. They particularly revere ancient undead called the Wintersouled, who reportedly built the Dark Reliquary. If any of the Wintersouled still exist, no one in the city knows about it.

People of Ptolus do not bring up the Fallen or the Forsaken in polite conversation. Most people think of these groups as they would a nearby hive of wasps, hoping that if they don’t disturb these undesirables, the dangerous groups won’t threaten them. Certain stalwart orders, such as the Keepers of the Veil and the Knights of the Pale, believe otherwise.