The Order of Iron Might is a warriors’ guild dedicated to finding employment for its martial membership. The group’s headquarters – the Citadel of Might, near the Arena in Oldtown – is primarily a hiring hall for mercenaries, guards, and sellswords, but it also contains an open yard where members can train and a small, fairly crude flophouse where members in need of shelter can stay on a first-come, first-served basis each night.

The citadel’s entrance serves as a hiring hall for mercenaries, guards, and others looking to sell their sword arms. Employers can find postings of available warriors on the walls, and many wouldbe mercenaries simply hang about the hall, hoping for employment.

Dues for the order amount to 20 gp to join, plus 10 gp per year. Benefits include training, discounted prices for weapon and armor repair, and shared contacts.