Two moons hang in the night sky. Lunas is a large bluish-white orb, while Rogue is the smaller, more erratic satellite. Most people are well aware that the world is round and that the moons orbit around it, while the world circles the sun. (They do not, however, have any concept that the stars are suns or that other worlds might circle about them—but then, who’s to say that’s true?)

Learned folk know the world is made up of matter and energy (the essence of both of which can be expressed as air, earth, fire, and water) and that matter is made of particles smaller than a person can see. Magnetism, lighter-than-air gases, and other basic aspects of science are not unknown, either.

Most people know that the Ethereal Plane (called the “Ethereal Sea”) is a magical place that shares the same space with the world but remains apart from it or “out of phase.” The Elemental Planes are conceptual places based around the fundamental building blocks of matter and energy. The Upper Realms, Upper Planes, the Heavens, the Celestial Realm— these are all names for the place of ultimate goodness where angelic beings rule and good people go when they die. Most do not believe this to be the realm of the gods, however—the gods dwell in secret places within the world or high in the sky.

The Heavens’ opposite, the Hells (or just Hell), the Pit, the Abyss, the Dark Realms, the Lower Planes, or the Nether Realms, exist in a similar metaphysical state. They are a place of demons and devils, where the evil go when they die to face eternal torment (or get their deserved reward, according to some). Plenty of evil gods and demons live right in the world, however, hiding in the shadows.

You will find no references in myths or legends, let alone in history, to people traveling to these realms beyond (except the Ethereal Sea). However, demons and angels do live in the world, clearly having come here from beyond. That such mystic places as the Heavens and Hells exist is beyond question.

Players wishing to have characters from lesser-known lands might choose Kem, a place still reeling from ancient magical wars, or Ren Tehoth, a land thick with ancient ruins and mysterious stone circles. Players wishing to create characters outside of Ptolus with more mundane backgrounds might hail from Rhoth, a remote realm of farmers and ranchers, or nearby Palastan, whose inhabitants are mainly herders and fishermen.

To the vast majority of Ptolus residents, all good outsiders are simply angels, and all evil outsiders are demons. More specific distinctions seem pointless to anyone but a sage.