If your character is not a native of Ptolus, you arrive at the city either through one of the main gates or by ship at the Docks. At the main gates, the City Watch will ask to see your papers and will demand an entrance toll of 2 cp. At the Docks, you’ll also be greeted by the Watch, as well as by a low-ranking Imperial official who likely spends a little time looking over your belongings. Again, you’ll be asked to pay a 2 cp toll, and you also might face other taxes or tariffs, depending on what you have with you.

Once in the city, you’ll find the streets bustling with a staggering array of individuals going about their business. If you’re hungry or thirsty, you’ll find numerous vendors and establishments clustered close to the entrances to the city. They will be more than happy to take your coin. Since you’re likely an adventurer, anyone you meet can direct you to Delver’s Square, which lies near the heart of the city. There you’ll find places to stay, gear to purchase, an entrance to the Undercity, and lots of other adventurers who can help you get started in your new delving career.

As an adventurer in Ptolus, your first mission might very well deal with the humanoid ratmen— diseased ratlike thieves that live in the sewer—that plague the city. Even as you prepare for your first adventure, you might look upward to the very top of that three-thousand-foot Spire rising above you. What dangers, what treasures, might still lie in the fortress at the top of the Spire? Will you ever be so powerful as to find out for yourself?