Watch a YouTube video with my suggestions! Ptolus Adventure Modules : How to Get Started Playing for Busy DMs/GMs in the City by the Spire

Official Ptolus Modules for Pre-Written Adventure:

  1. Ptolus Adventures in Core Book : Chapter 33 (Levels 1+)
  2. The Night of Dissolution (Level 3)- Battle the forces of chaos, and Chaositech
  3. Dark Tidings (Level 5) – Rescue a famous Ptolus Delver’s wayward children
  4. Doctrine of Ghul (Level 5) – An ancient manuscript scribed by the Half God himself…
  5. The Banewarrens (Level 6)- Explore under, and into the Spire
  6. Queen of Lies (Level 11) – Fight Drow beneath the city of Ptolus
  7. Black Rain (Level 16) – Black rain ends magic

Pre-Written Adventure Modules which work well in Ptolus:

  1. Mad God’s Key (Level 1) – A hunt for a missing key leads the heroes from the streets of the city of Greyhawk to the Tomb of Blood Everflowing in the treacherous Cairn Hills.
  2. Bad Light (Level 4) – Ancient lighthouse, ships disappearing. Like the Bay of Ptolus lighthouse?
  3. The Ministry of Winds (Level 6) – by Monte Cook. In the city lies a strange edifice.
  4. Test of the Demonweb (Level 6) – by Wizards of the Coast. Small dungeon to fight drow.
  5. An Eye for an Eye (Level 8) – by Monte Cook. Go against the Council of Wrath
  6. Tiger’s Palace (Levels 9-10) – Rescue gnomes beneath the city (like Ptolus) from a liche
  7. Thicker Than Water (Level 12) – by Monte Cook. Discover a distant relative seeking help to complete a prophecy.
  8. More Coming Soon!