Ptolus City by the Spire Kickstarter Graphics for The Night of Dissolution Adventure Modules and Chaositech Sister Mara Black Dragon Pre-Published

Official Ptolus Modules for Pre-Written Adventure:

  1. See all the Scenarios & Adventure Hooks mentioned throughout the Ptolus Book
  2. Ptolus Adventures in Core Book : Chapter 33 (Levels 1+)
  3. The Night of Dissolution (Level 3)- Battle the forces of chaos, and Chaositech (Advice on Running NoD & Banewarrents together)
  4. Dark Tidings (Level 5) – Rescue a famous Ptolus Delver’s wayward children
  5. Doctrine of Ghul (Level 5) – An ancient manuscript scribed by the Half God himself.
  6. Return of the Ebon Hand (Level 5-6) – Chaotic transformation hints at the re-emergence of a festering evil
  7. The Banewarrens (Level 6)- Explore under, and into the Spire
  8. Extra: Advice on Running the NoD & Banewarrents together
  9. Queen of Lies (Level 11) – Fight Drow beneath the city of Ptolus
  10. Black Rain (Level 16) – Black rain ends magic

Pre-Written Adventure Modules which work well in Ptolus:

  1. Book of Challenges (Level 1-20) This is an amazing book (D&D 3E) of challenges, like traps, but WAY better. These would work really well for Delver’s Guild & Ghul’s Labyrinth Dungeon Crawl campaigns.
  2. The Shackled City 12 Part Adventure Path (Level 1-20) (TOTALLY FREE!)
    1. Adventure Path: The Shackled City is a 12 part Adventure Path written in old Dungeon Magazines by Paizo for D&D 3.5 I’m creating guides showing you how to use this entire adventure path in Ptolus instead of the Grayhawk city of Cauldron. I will be using these in my Ugly Inc. Ptolus Campign.
    2. Life’s Bazaar Part 1 (Levels 1-3) – Character investigate recent kidnappings leading them to a slave operating from Underdark passages below the city. There is a 5E Conversion of Life’s Bazaar on
    3. Flood Season (Levels 4-6) – In this adventure the city of Cauldron [Ptolus] is threatened by flooding during the rainy season. Magical wands of “control water” normally used to control the flooding are stolen and taken to a lair below the city. There is a 5E Conversion of Flood Season on
    4. Zenith Trajectory (Levels 6-8) (Coming Soon!) – Characters are asked to rescue Zenith Splintershield, a dwarf who has been missing since heading into the Underdark to fight evil. There is a 5E Conversion of Zenith Trajectory on
  3. The Savage Tide Adventure Path. 12 Parts. Levels 1-20. 100% Free.
    1. Adventure Path: Savage Tide is 12 modules published in old Dungeon Magazines by Paizo for D&D 3.5. You can find all of these on
    2. There Is No Honor (Levels 1-3) – In this opening adventure, the characters are drawn into a murderous family feud. Undead pirates and a powerful thieves guild feature heavily.
    3. The Bullywug Gambit (Levels 3-5) – Hired to find a missing brother, the characters discover a secret hideout and witness the effects of the Savage Tide.
    4. The Sea Wyvern’s Wake (Levels 5-7) – The characters begin their journey to the Isle of Dread; the lost city of Tamoachan and a monstrous sargasso are featured highlights. This adventure would take the PCs out of Ptolus, but it’s fun to do a ship adventure plus the PCs will wind up having to race bath to Ptolus.
  4. The Sunless Citadel (3E) (Level 1) – This classic dungeon adventure could easily be addapted into Ptolus. Plus, it connects to the Forge of Fury. The citadel could easily be ascribed to the old, now sunken Ptolus and put off any cavern or tunnel. This was also redone for 5th Edition and can be bought individually or as part of the Tales from the Yawning Portal.
  5. Forge of Fury (3E) (Level 3) – Site-based dungeon crawl in the dwarven fortress of Khundrukar. This could easily be attached to Dwarvenhearth under Ptolus. Or used standalone. This was also redone for 5th Edition and can be bought individually or as part of the Tales from the Yawning Portal.
  6. Tales from the Yawning Portal (5E) – For $24.99 you get Seven Dungeons. PLUS, has the bundle for you with all the maps and tokens setup! Tales from the Yawning Portal on
  7. Trio of Adventures (Levels 2 – 7)
    1. Barrow of the Forgotten King (Level 2) – Dungeon below a crypt, easily fits in the Necropolis. Part 1 of 3 Part series.
    2. The Sinister Spire (Level 5) – Delver into the Underdark and explore a spire-city, facing terrors within.
    3. Fortress of the Yuan-Ti (Level 7) – Evil yuan-ti who conspire to destroy a kingdom using dark rituals and the bones of a long-dead king. Storm the yuan-ti fortress and take the bones from the cultists.
  8. Mad God’s Key (Level 1) – A hunt for a missing key leads the heroes from the streets of the city of Greyhawk to the Tomb of Blood Everflowing in the treacherous Cairn Hills.
  9. Night Below 5E Conversion – HUGE campaign adventure that takes PCs from 1st to 14th level. You could put the entire thing beneath Ptolus, or just use parts of it. This was originally a 2nd Edition AD&D module, but it’s been updated to 5th Edition.
  10. Mini-Adventure 1: The Complex of Zombies (Level 3) From Justin Alexander of
  11. Mini-Adventure 2: The Black Mist (Level 3-5) From Justin Alexander of
  12. Bad Light (Level 4) – Ancient lighthouse, ships disappearing. Like the Bay of Ptolus lighthouse?
  13. A Wyrmling Wakes (FREE) (Level 4-5) – D&D 5E Adventure by Ptolus Discord user Snapping Branch.
  14. The Ministry of Winds (Level 6) – by Monte Cook. In the city lies a strange edifice.
  15. Test of the Demonweb (Level 6) – by Wizards of the Coast. Small dungeon to fight drow.
  16. An Eye for an Eye (Level 8) – by Monte Cook. Go against the Council of Wrath
  17. Tiger’s Palace (Levels 9-10) – Rescue gnomes beneath the city (like Ptolus) from a liche
  18. Beyond the Veil (Level 9) – Fleshes out Storamere’s Palace below the Guildsman District of Ptolus mentioned in Chapter 19.
  19. Chains of Blackmaw (3E) (FREE) (Level 6-12) – PCs must get arrested, then break someone out of Prison. Perfect to use with the Ptolus prison and easily adapted. (Coming Soon: Ptolus specific adaptation advice!)
  20. Thicker Than Water (Level 12) – by Monte Cook. Discover a distant relative seeking help to complete a prophecy.
  21. Demon God’s Fane (Level 14) – by Monte Cook. The cultists of the Demon God are out to get you. Track them down and wipe them out in their own lair!
  22. Council of Thieves (Levels 1-20) – Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path.
    1. The Bastards of Erebus (Levels 1-2)
    2. The Sixfold Trial (Levels 3-5)
    3. What Lies in Dust (Levels 5-7)
    4. The Infernal Syndrome (Levels 7-9)
    5. Mother of Flies (Levels 9-11)
    6. The Twice-Damned Prince (Levels 11-20)
  23. More Coming Soon!