Ptolus : City by the Spire Kickstarter Dungeon Master Screen. Monte Cook's Famous City is coming to D&D 5E and Cypher. Including the Adventures : Banewarrens & Night of Dissolution

Ptolus Kickstarter was Fully Funded.
Monte Cook’s City by the Spire is coming to
5th Ed. D&D and Cypher System

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This site has been built to make running your Ptolus Campaign much easier.

Searching inside the Ptolus PDF book is not optimal, plus using a PDF on a phone or tablet is a pain.

Almost the entire Ptolus book is on this website and if you prove you own the Ptolus Book or PDF (screenshots of the Kickstarter campaign are accepted) then you will be granted full access.

More and more of the book is being added to the website constantly, but every Ptolus Location has been added to the interactive map.

Navigate Ptolus with the Interactive Map

Ptolus City by the Spire Interactive Map Part 3 City Guide : Docks, Guildsman District, Midtown, Necropolis, Nobles' Quarter, Oldtown, Rivergate and the WarrensEvery Location inside the City by the Spire is listed on the interactive map on the homepage, which also has a sidebar to limit the locations by District and search.

The Ptolus Map makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for, and to get a better idea of the City’s layout.

Some locations from the Ptolus Adventures are also listed and more will be added in the future.

Use the Ptolus Location’s Tags

The Ptolus book includes great Tags for tracking things like Locale Types, Adventure Levels, Price Ratings and Quality Ratings.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to sort by these tags in the Ptolus PDF.

This website has every location’s tags included and you can load all the Locations tagged with a certain Type, Adventure Level or Rating.

Find every Ptolus Restaurant, or every Low Level Adventure locations. If your PCs need to save money, they can find all the Locations tagged with the Cheap Price. Look at the bottom of every Location entry to see what it’s tagged with.

See the key to the Price & Quality Ratings

Ptolus Adventures Being Added

All the Ptolus Adventures listed in Chapter 33 : Adventures have not been added to the site yet, but the content is being updated constantly.

Monte Cook’s other Adventures set in the City by the Spire, the Spire itself, and beneath the city’s streets are being added too.

Some of Monte’s other Ptolus Adventures are: The Banewarrens, The Night of Dissolution, Dark Tidings, and The Queen of Lies.

Adventure Maps from these other Adventures, along with the NPCs and all the details will eventually be added to the site and available for anyone who proves they own the Ptolus materials (PDF or Printed Book).

Ptolus Homebrew Content for Your Campaign

This website not only makes almost the entire Ptolus book available to be easily accessible, it also offers great homebrew resources.

Homebrew content has come from the Play by Post Vogh Kath Campaign and many other generous contributors. We would love to share your homebrew campaign materials too!

There are unofficial NPC portraits like for Ged and Brooke Morrowlost, and Unofficial Portraits of the Noble House Kath Family, plus many more!

You can find homebrew posted notices in the Delver’s Guild Office.

See all Homebrew Content.

Make your City by the Spire Campaign Effortless

Resources are constantly being added to the website and with the Ptolus Kickstarter fully funded, there will be many new items to share.

Keep checking back, and by all means contact us to share what you like/don’t like or would like to see added.

May the Shadow of the Spire always fall on your characters fully healed, rich with gold and decked in magic items!