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Street of a Million Gods (#152, H5) 6,300 gp Homebrew City Temple Map which would work for this location. The…

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Portrait Image of Bermund Thorn (Male Human Cleric 7):

Bermund Thorn Male Human Cleric 7th Level Ahaar Bow Arrow God Air Homebrew NPC Portrait Ptolus

Homebrew NPCs to Encounter inside the Temple of Ahaar

Emma Cleves is a 35 year old female human bandit.

She has cropped, curled, blond hair and red eyes.
She has soft pink skin.
She stands 162cm (5’3″) tall and has a muscular build.
She has a sharp, very attractive face.
She smells heavily of lavender.

She is very patient.
She can’t stand laziness.
She will never say no to a duel.
She despises the aristocracy.
She always does what she is told not to.

Ardic Featherbottom is a 32 year old male stout halfling coachman.

He has cropped, straight, brown hair and red eyes.
He has rough golden skin.
He stands 112cm (3’8″) tall and has a beefy build.
He has an edgy, slightly typical face.
He fidgets intermittently.

He quietly worships Ahaar, God of air
He will ponder the pros and cons before making a decision.
He is an example of modesty.
He despises the aristocracy.
He always carries food in his pockets.

Egos Bertanonel is a 75 year old male high elf barber.

He has short, curled, auburn hair and brown eyes.
He has soft pink skin.
He stands 180cm (5’10”) tall and has a muscular build.
He has a round, average face.
He is incredibly bow-legged.

He is an hopeless romantic.
He is very self-confident.
He is always late.
He uses a beautiful walking cane.
He is a compulsive gambler.

Helena Glorybluff is a 50 year old female human jailer.

She has cropped, wavy, auburn hair and green eyes.
She has soft white skin.
She stands 177cm (5’9″) tall and has a fat build.
She has a round, forgettable face.
She has a low-toned voice, deep for a woman.

She openly worships Istishia, God of water, purification, wetness. (True Neutral)
She is very patient.
She judges people by their actions, not their words.
She reads every book she comes across.
She has a pet pseudodragon companion named Brandy.