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Undercity Market 3,550 gp [caption id="attachment_685" align="alignright" width="147"] Delver's Guild Symbol[/caption] See the Delver's Guild Organization. The Delver’s Guild’s main…


Homebrew Posted Notices:

  1. A wizard wants a meteor retrieved.
  2. Giant dragon turtles are attacking a couple places along the cost along with some smaller fishing vessels which the Fisherman’s Guild would like dealt with.
  3. A goblin tribe from outside the city came across a cache of magic items and wants to sell them to someone inside Ptolus. None of the shop owners trust the goblins, but Jessie Thorton wants some protection to accompany her to purchase the items and resell in the city. Those that accompany will receive a static payment and a percentage of the sales. Inquire at the Rogue Moon Trading Company office.
    See Gorti of the Delver’s Guild.
    “A black dragon has been seen flying over the swamp lands to the far east.
    Highly skilled and brave warriors up to the task of slaying the cursed beast.
    A sizable fortune awaits those who answer the call.”
    Shopkeeper, Madam Marie
    “I am running low on a particular herb that is used to make my exquisite elixirs, potions, and tonics. Meet me at my shop for more information.”
    Reward: An assortment of potions and one extra potion of the guild’s choice.
  6. Four warriors, veteran ratman killers and delvers, seek a healer to accompany us. Ask for Juel.

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