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below the Guildsman District, 11,000gp Known as The Pit by common people (and especially criminals), the Prison lies far beneath…

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Homebrew Prison Adventure: Chains of Blackmaw (6-12)

An old Dungeon Magazine module called the Chains of Blackmaw could be a great adventure if you want something related to the prison. I transcribed it from the old, poor quality PDFs and made it available on my other website: https://d20.pub/resources/chains-of-blackmaw/

Blackmaw Prison Map: The adventure does include a map of Blackmaw Prison which you could either use instead of the Ptolus Prison Map, consider it a different level/offshoot of the main prison, or decide Ptolus has more than one prison.

NPC Karl Manderholm: You could also use the Noble House Nagel plotline that Kurtlan Nagel, head of house, was place in prison for murder, rather than use Karl.