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An urban campaign is very different from a typical campaign in which the player characters move all around the continent, traversing the wilderness as well as stopping in settlements. This chapter gives a brief overview of some things to keep in mind as you plan and run a campaign set in Ptolus.

Running an urban campaign offers some unique challenges compared with running, say, a dungeon campaign or one set in the wilderness. The sections that follow describe those challenges and offer suggestions on how best to conduct a campaign set in a city like Ptolus.

DM Tips

Never underestimate the value of combining the typical urban adventure with a typical dungeon adventure. The availability of both scenario types is, after all, one of Ptolus’ strong suits. The characters’ investigations might reveal that they have to go down below the city to get at the heart of their mystery. A clue in the Dungeon could send them up to the city to interact with people who can give them important information.

The Urban Adventure
Allies, Aid, and Healing
Urban Player Characters
Plotting Urban Adventures
Ptolus Random Encounters
Handling Dangerous Events